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Billy The Exterminator S07E02 – E03

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Season 07 – Episode 02– “Henhouse of Horror”
Billy stakes out a northern farm where a predator is creating a horror show at a chicken coop. After catching the intruder red-handed Billy has no choice but to go mano a mano with the lightning-fast, and furious beast. After defending the flock, Billy goes way north where busy beavers have dammed up a creek and washed out the local road. He partners with northern exterminator Terry to battle through ice and deadly cold to relocate the powerful rodents.
Season 07 – Episode 03– “Snakes On A.Boat”
Billy heads to cottage country where a houseboat rental company finds a nest of snakes inside one of their boats. Billy and his exterminator partner Derick jump into the serpent moshpit and attempt to break up the slithering party. Billy’s next call brings him to a storage facility where some deer-elk hybrids are running amok and threatening to injure clients. Billy uses his mettle to herd the hoofed beasts off the property.

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