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Bizarre Foods-Delicious Destinations S01E13 Hong Kong

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Season 01, Episode 13 – “Hong Kong”
Andrew visits Hong Kong, China, one of the most vertical cities on the planet. Although its 7 million people are constantly hustling and bustling about, its food is surprisingly down to earth. From wonton dumplings made using a centuries old technique of bouncing on a bamboo pole, to typhoon shelter crabs cut into precisely 11 pieces, Hong Kong’s dishes are all worth the wait! One of the most iconic Cantonese food genres is dim sum: a wide array of small dishes served from a rolling cart. At Lin Heung Kui Tea House, the trolley ladies come around with endless assortments of steaming baskets of food, but most customers can’t wait that long and jump up grab the baskets themselves! The baskets are full of all things Cantonese comfort food, from har gow dumplings, to shumai, to lotus seed buns.

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