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Bosch S03E01 – E03

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Season 03 , Episode 01 — “The Smog Cutter”
The ugly truth behind his mother’s murder has left LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch as tense and restless as ever. A homeless veteran is murdered. Bosch works a high-profile trial involving a Hollywood director. The Veronica Allen proceeding nears resolution. Bosch keeps tabs on a longtime criminal who’s eluded justice.
Season 03 , Episode 02 — “The Four Last Things”
A suspected killer whom Bosch has pursued for several years turns up dead in an apparent suicide. Edgar discovers that Harry has a complicated history with the dead man. When the case is later ruled a homicide, Detective Jimmy Robertson develops troubling theories about the culprit.
Season 03 , Episode 03 — “God Sees”
Bosch learns more about the dark past and murder of Billy Meadows. The credibility of a key witness threatens to undermine the Holland case. Edgar maneuvers to handle damning evidence. Dangerous men target Bosch.

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