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Cops S30E19 – E23

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Season 30, Episode 19 – “Run and Gun”
A wanted man makes a break for it with deputies hot on his trail; police find themselves in a vehicle pursuit when a driver’s fears get the better of him; a traffic stop exposes a car full of people who have a lot to hide. 4
Season 30, Episode 20 – “Face the Music”
Officers apprehend a skittish suspect with a serious skin condition. A father-to-be quickly learns that running only makes things worse. An aspiring rapper treats officers to a song after he ends up in cuffs.
Season 30, Episode 21 – “Scaredy Cat”
Officers subdue an erratic man who’s convinced that a wild animal is following him. A birthday celebration quickly goes south when guns get involved. Deputies help break up a volatile domestic situation.
Season 30, Episode 22 – “Fake Cash and Whiplash”
A quiet neighborhood turns into the scene of a dangerous multi-vehicle pursuit; a man down on his luck tries to hide his guilt by ditching some clothes; fists fly when a shopkeeper confronts a man who ripped him off.
Season 30, Episode 23 – “Just Desserts”
A suspect leaves his uneaten parfait behind after police find more than treats in his pocket. An armed driver tells officers a far-fetched story to justify his weapon. A heated back and forth ends with a call to animal control. 4

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