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Custers Last Stand S01E01

( High Quality )

Note: IN Gaelic with Hardcoded English subs.

On the 6th of July 1876, when America had just finished celebrating its 100th birthday, the telegraph brought word that General George Armstrong Custer and 261 members of his Seventh Cavalry had been massacred by Cheyenne and Lakota warriors along the Little Bighorn River, Montana. The news was greeted with stunned disbelief. How could Custer, the “boy general” of the Civil War, have been struck down by a group of warriors armed with little more than bows and arrows? Custer’s Last Stand paints a portrait of Custer’s charismatic, narcissistic personality, and for the first time, explores the fateful relationships within the officers of the Seventh Cavalry that would lead him to his doom. The programme takes a fresh look at Custer’s passionate love affair with his wife Libbie, and the mutually ambitious partnership that made them the power couple of the time.

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