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Expedition Unknown Extra Finds Curse Of The Golden Bell

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“Curse Of The Golden Bell” – Josh heads down to Southeast Asia in Myanmar to help local dive teams search for the missing Golden Bell of Dhammazedi after new evidence suggests they have been searching in the wrong place. The Great Bell was forged in the 16th century and stolen by the Portuguese from the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar (then Burma). After being lashed to the back of a warship on its way to Thanlyin across the Yangon River, the ship and the bell sank. Believed to be at the bottom of the river at the convergence of the Yangon River, Bago River, and Pazaundaung Creek, divers have searched for years to no avail. Josh begins his search in Bagan, Myanmar where the landscape is littered with forgotten temples from a kingdom long ago. Josh heads to a Buddhist temple on a mountaintop to meet with Mr. Swe, who introduces Josh to the concept of Nat spirits.

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