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Expedition Unknown S01E01 Amelia Earhart

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‘Expedition Unknown’ follows Josh Gates on a worldwide trip around the globe. In each episode he heads off on a journey and attempts to solve some of the world’s most puzzling problems.

Season 01 Episode 01 – “Amelia Earhart”
The first episode see’s Josh set off to Papua New Guinea. Here he connects with a remote tribe and hopes to find the evidence to discover where Amelia Earhart’s plane has disappeared to. Josh and the tribe head through dense jungle. Next he heads to Fiji, turning his focus to the most shocking piece of evidence discovered so far, with a piece of aluminium that washed up on a remote island in 1991. Gates heads to Nikumaroro, to try and learn more about the human bones found more then 50 years ago on the island, they had been sent to Fiji, but vanished when they arrived. Josh searches for the lost bones, heading to Suva, searching through the island’s archives, traditional villages and distant jungles. Gates is shocked when a local tells him he found a skull under his home, that then also disappeared. Josh conducts his own investigation and finds human remains.

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