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Food Unwrapped S11E00 Meat Special

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Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Matt Tebbutt continue travelling the globe in their quest to uncover more unusual, intriguing and surprising secrets behind the food we eat. Jimmy’s in Scotland to get behind the headlines of a mysterious condition threatening our salmon farms. Can high tech surveillance and an innovative natural solution save our salmon and halt the dramatic price hikes? Kate heads down under to find out about a surprising new meat bouncing into our supermarkets, but how on earth do you farm a kangaroo? They may be a much-loved Aussie icon, but Kate finds out that kangaroos outnumber the human population 2:1, so adding them to the BBQ menu could be the most sustainable option to control the numbers. And Matt’s finding out the secrets behind the annual race to get new season asparagus onto our supermarket shelves.

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