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Health Truth or Scare S01E02 – E03

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Episode 02
Angela Rippon investigates claims that the technology we use every day is damaging our eyes and ears, and asks if it is really possible that headphones, smartphones and tablets could be causing an epidemic of hearing loss and blindness.Kevin asks if desk jobs and sofa-bound lifestyles are really as bad for us as some reports suggest. And Steve Brown unpicks headlines claiming antibacterial soaps and gels might actually do more harm than good.Wheelchair user Steve worries his hands come into such close contact with the floor (through his wheels) that his hands might be harbouring some very nasty bacteria – but there are surprising results when he pits products that like to shout about their bacteria-busting properties against plain old soap and water.

Episode 03
While Kevin throws a party for critics and fans of all things aloe vera, he asks if the humble plant can really live up to the hype generated by its celebrity following and headline-grabbing health claims.Angela is in the operating theatre and on the wards of a hospital that gets through 14,000 aspirin tablets every month to find out how new uses for this 120-year-old drug are still being uncovered – and she asks if its side effects are really as dangerous as claimed.Danny Crates has flossed his teeth every day for as long as he can remember, but Danny’s bathroom routine is hanging by the thread after headlines claiming flossing is pointless – and there’s no proof it works. So with the help of a choir, some swabs and a lot of floss, Danny is investigating once and for all whether he should toss the floss.

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