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I Married The Waiter Love In The Sun

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“Holiday romance is great for people. You come on holiday, no expectations, you have a beautiful Greek man chatting you up, taking you out, what more do you want?” – Jean Manship

This new one-off documentary for ITV tells the stories of British women who fell in love with local men they met while on holidays in the sun. I Married The Waiter: Love In The Sun focuses on the ups and downs of their love stories – from marriages which have endured to this day, to romances which didn’t last the course. With heart-felt testimony from the women and their Greek, Turkish and Tunisian lovers, this programme follows the tales of those who continued their romances after their planes home had landed.

Among those featured in the programme are Anne, Dawn and Jean, who fell in love at different times with Greek men who all lived on the island of Symi. Maddison, Fleur and Ruth all fell in love with Turkish men. Dorothy, at the age of 70, married a 21-year-old Tunisian man.

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