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In Search of Arcadia BBC

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Dr Janina Ramirez teams up with waterman and fellow historian John Bailey to explore the origins and ethos of the English Landscape movement, which sprang to life in the 12-mile stretch of the Thames between Hampton and Chiswick in the early 18th century. Devised by a group of writers, poets, artists and garden designers, the movement was inspired by the classical landscapes of antiquity, and the notion of Arcadia, an idealised land in which mankind lives in harmony with nature. Janina takes in some of the most famous examples of English Arcadian work, including Nicholas Poussin’s painting Et in Arcadia Ego, and visits some of the movement’s most notable landmarks, including Hampton Court Palace and Marble Hill House, and the view from Richmond Hill. Plus, John goes fishing on the Thames with Izaak Walton’s Compleat Angler, which not only serves as a comprehensive guide to angling on the river, but also serves as a philosophical treatise on the Arcadian mindset. 4

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