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Island Medics S01E01

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This series transports viewers behind the scenes at the UK’s most remote hospita – the Gilbert Bain Hospital in Lerwick, Shetland.

Here, doctors and nurses work alongside GPs, paramedics, coastguard, lifeboat crews and police to provide emergency and medical care to the islands’ 23,000 residents, as well as workers from the surrounding oil and gas rigs and cruise tourists. Surrounded by the North Sea and closer to the Arctic Circle than London, Shetland throws up unique challenges for this tight-knit team.

Episode 01
Today Brian, an ultrasound engineer on an oil rig, is airlifted by helicopter to the Hospital with suspected serious neck injuries. It’s an urgent case for Dr Kushik Lalla and his team in Accident and Emergency because, aside from his potential spinal injury, Brian has a worryingly low heart rate which requires thorough investigation.Coastguard and Lifeboat teams are scrambled to the aid of a pleasure boat whose propeller has been caught on a rope just feet from Shetland’s jagged rocks.And the ambulance team race to the aid of a former nurse with a suspected stroke, who isn’t too keen to return to the hospital she worked at for four decades.

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