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Jo Cox Death Of An MP 2017

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On 16 June 2016 the murder of Jo Cox, in the heat of EU referendum campaigning, shocked the nation. This documentary tells the story of this horrific attack and events surrounding it through the testimony of those closest to it – including Jo Cox’s family, eye witnesses and those who knew the murderer, Thomas Mair.

With unique access to West Yorkshire Police’s murder investigation, the film draws together CCTV, archive footage and other evidence that was gathered by the investigating officers. The result is a forensic exploration of a horrific murder. What led a man with no history of violence to brutally murder a female MP whom he had never met?

Jo Cox’s political convictions and the issues she fought so passionately for were at odds with Mair’s viewpoint, which some think motivated him to murder. Who Jo Cox was and what she stood for is explored in the film through archive footage and intimate interviews with family and friends. Thomas Mair’s activities in the days leading up to the attack are retraced through interviews with detectives working on the case. Along with the testimony of those who knew Mair, they portray a complex and contradictory character, a man who volunteered to help people of all races yet harboured a secret obsession with Nazism and the extreme right.

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