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Marvels Avengers-Secret Wars S04E22 – E25

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Season 04, Episode 22 –“Westland”
Hawkeye, Vision and Wasp head to the old West world of 1872 to find Doctor Strange. 4
Season 04, Episode 23 –“The Citadel”
Captain America and Iron Man are captured by the Beyonder and the villain team he has assembled. p4
Season 04, Episode 24 –“The Wastelands”
Before they can use the Bifrost to undo Battleworld, the Avengers must defeat the Beyonder’s forces, Ares and an army of Ghost Riders. p4
Season 04, Episode 25 –“All Things Must End”
After Loki becomes the Sorcerer Supreme, the Avengers are the only thing standing between him and the domination of the universe. 4

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