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Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch S03E13 The Ramsay Vloggers

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Season 3, Episode 13 – “The Ramsay Vloggers”
Matilda and her family are coming to the end of their crazy summer in sunny California but before they wave goodbye to LA life there’s time for some vlogging. Inspired by a glamorous red carpet event they attended, Tilly, sisters Megan and Holly and brother Jack set out to document stories about the food fads, fashion, kookiness, glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Tilly, the editor and chief of the Ramsay Vlog, is making sure her roving reporters are well fed by preparing some scrummy LA nachos with cheese, beans and chicken and a reviving fruity, fizzy, Californian cooler. Down on Venice Beach boardwalk, Megan, Holly and Jack have their assignments to cover the fashion, LA weirdness, and of course the food of Los Angeles. Tilly has her very own assignment as she heads to a big movie premiere to interview the stars. Let’s just hope the Ramsay Bunch vloggers meet their deadlines!

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