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Murder On The Blackpool Express 2017

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Murder mystery writer David Van Der Clane (Griff Rhys Jones) is a household name, but things start to go horribly wrong for him when his super-fans start getting bumped off during a book tour he’s set up with coach tour operator Gemma Draper (Sian Gibson).As our coachload of crime enthusiasts visit the infamous settings of David’s novels, it soon becomes clear that the murders they love to read about are gradually becoming all too real. Are the deaths all just an unfortunate coincidence or is there a real-life murderer in their midst?With the police being wholly unhelpful, the tour’s only hope of catching the killer rests in the unlikely hands of the morose coach driver, Terry (Johnny Vegas). Terry is stuck in a rut – he has no goal or passions, apart from an unrequited love interest in Gemma. But, with the number of passengers dwindling fast, Terry feels compelled to solve the mystery and save Gemma’s business; hopefully winning her love in the process.With everyone a suspect and a potential next victim, can Terry and Gemma keep the group together, address their burgeoning attraction for each other, and make it to Blackpool Tower with their lives intact?

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