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NOVA Wonders S01E01 What Are Animals Saying

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“NOVA Wonders” takes viewers on a journey to the frontiers of science, where researchers are tackling some of the biggest questions about life and the cosmos. From the mysteries of astrophysics to the secrets of the body to the challenges of inventing technologies that could rival—and even surpass—the abilities of the human mind, these six hours reveal how far we’ve come in our search for answers, how we managed to get here, and how scientists hope to push our understanding of the universe even further. Along the way, we meet the remarkable people who are transforming our world and our future.

Season 01, Episode 01 – “What Are Animals Saying?”
The series premiere examines animal communication. Some animals demonstrate they can learn human language—like Chaser the dog, who recognizes hundreds of words, and Kanzi the gorilla, who understands some English spoken in context. Included: researchers who are deciphering how animals share information critical to their survival—from a cacophony of ultrasonic bat squeaks to spider thumps and mice mating songs. 4

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