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Outlaw Tech S01E01 – E02

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NOTE: Complete Version.

Season 1, Episode 1 – “North Korean Counterfeit Plot”
An undercover investigation targets a high-tech North Korean plot to counterfeit American $100 bills; an identity thief uses a clever hacking scheme steal $100 million; when an ex-KGB agent dies, authorities are shocked by what they find.

Season 1, Episode 2 – “The Real Ocean’s 11”
State of the art science, thrilling suspense, unforgettable characters. These are the true stories of a new wild west, where biology, physics, chemistry, and technology are tools of the outlaw trade. With complex security systems designed to stop the world’s most nefarious criminal masterminds, a new Science Channel series goes inside amazing capers to unpack the high-tech arsenal used on both sides of the law. Each of the six, hour-long episodes, features cat and mouse escapades with science at the center, as it is used to hack our banks, museums, casinos, prisons and more. From the physics of defeating heat sensors, to the complex code that cracked thousands of ATMs, to the epic engineering that allowed El Chapo to escape his maximum security prison, Outlaw Tech takes us step by step through a battle royale of brilliant outlaw science versus cutting-edge security systems and tried and true investigation techniques.

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