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Pretty Little Liars S05 [TV-PACK]

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05×01 – EscApe From New York

Ezra goes to the hospital, in order to heal his wounds. Aria realizes that she is also a target and so stays by his side. The others try trapping “A” and are surprised by who walks into it.
05×02 – Whirly Girl

Aria can’t get over what’s happened in the past. Emily, Hanna and Spencer struggle to act normally. Alison doesn’t trust her family, but is been forced to stay with them. Kenneth pursues a search for Jessica and Jason acts oddly, raising more questions about her disappearance.
05×03 – Surfing the Aftershocks

Alison struggles to cope with her Mom’s death. Spencer and Emily try to gather information on Jason. Hanna feels unsure of herself when Alison returns.
05×04 – Thrown From the Ride

Alison tries to get back her position as leader of the gang as she returns to Rosewood High. A depressed Aria looks for comfort in an unlikely area.
05×05 – Miss Me x 100

Alison hopes to work towards righting her wrongs, when she comes back to school. Mona and her friends aren’t in a forgiving mood though. Caleb is back in town.
05×06 – Run, Ali, Run

The girls are concerned about Alison’s safety after she is spooked by a Rosewood ‘accident’. Caleb rethinks his decision to return.
05×07 – The Silence of E. Lamb

Aria looks for information about a patient. Spencer uses Ezra’s spy equipment.
05×08 – Scream For Me

Hanna finds herself being pushed down a dark path after Alison moves in. Aria is not a good maid of honor.
05×09 – March of Crimes

Hanna’s drinking gets out of hand. Emily looks for information on Alison and Noel. Spencer discovers something whilst at the Doctor’s.
05×10 – A Dark Ali

The Liars know the man arrested for Alison’s kidnapping is innocent, but Alison is pressured to identify him. Hanna tries pretending everything is normal.
05×11 – No One Here Can Love or Understand Me

Melissa opens up to Spencer about the night Ali disappeared. Emily wants Ezra to help her uncover Cyrus’ link to Ali. Caleb’s drinking problem sees Hanna turning to Spencer and Toby for help.
05×12 – Taking This One to the Grave

Alison looks for some new friends after the others turn on her.
05×13 – How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas

The girls are not feeling merry at Christmas because Spencer’s murder charge looms over them. Things improve though after they see an opportunity to gather evidence to clear her name.
05×14 – Through a Glass, Darkly

The Liars try to prove that Alison was involved in Mona’s death; Aria worries about her future.
05×15 – Fresh Meat
Toby is conflicted when a surprising piece of evidence arrives at the police department.
05×16 – Over a Barrel
Aria tries to find the strength to tell Ezra the truth. Hanna attempts to cover for Ashley.
05×17 – The Bin of Sin
Hanna refuses to let “A” frame her for Mona’s murder; Spencer’s actions put Toby in a bind
05×18 – Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me
Spencer hang out with Jonny. Emily attempts to work out Talia. Mike’s behavior worries Aria.
05×19 – Out, Damned Spot
05×20 – Pretty Isn’t The Point
Hanna takes part in a beauty contest and turns to Emily for help. Aria wants Andrew to keep an eye on Mike for her.
05×21 – Bloody Hell
The Liars attempt to protect Mike and also get Alison released from prison.
05×22 – To Plea or Not to Plea
A plea bargain is offered to Alison on the condition that she names one of the Liars as her accomplice.
05×23 – The Melody Lingers On
Spencer, Aria, Emily and Caleb attempt to find some information that will clear Hanna.
05×24 – I’m a Good Girl, I Am
The prosecution calls a surprise witness in Alison’s trial; the girls hunt for last-minute evidence.
05×25 – Welcome to the Dollhouse
Some shocking secrets are revealed for the Liars as the biggest clue to the “A” mystery is revealed.

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