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South Park S01 720p [TV-PACK]

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Aliens wreak havoc in the Rockies, first by subjecting Cartman to an anal probe, and then by abducting Kyle’s baby brother.


Cartman tries to slim down when he learns a TV talk-show host is coming to town to give him an award, but he bulks up instead. Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison hatches a plan to murder the visiting celeb.


A volcanic eruption interrupts the boys’ camping trip.


When his pup explores his sexuality, Stan gets so upset that he inadvertently threatens to blow the school’s homecoming-game victory.


After a botched genetic experiment, Stan’s clone is let loose in the town. Voices include Trey Parker and Matt Stone.


The boys summon the Grim Reaper.


A pinkeye epidemic interrupts the boys’ plans to win a Halloween-costume contest; and Kenny has a run-in with a Russian space station when it falls to Earth.


After the boys contact an agency that helps starving children, Government authorities send Cartman to Ethiopia. Meanwhile, the town holds a drive for canned goods; and turkeys revolt against a genetic engineer.


Because he’s Jewish, Kyle is denied involvement in the Nativity play and excluded from trips to see Santa. Meanwhile, South Park residents try to plan a politically correct celebration; and Mr. Hankey visits Kyle.


As Cartman celebrates his birthday, Jesus Christ and Satan duke it out on a pay-per-view TV special. Meanwhile, Satan’s son Damien tries to fit in with the crowd after making a violent first impression.


Mr. Garrison takes a leave of absence to have a nose job and is replaced by Miss Ellen, a substitute who threatens Stan and Wendy’s relationship.


The future of the world is at stake after the boys unearth a prehistoric relic that spawns a monster.


When Cartman begins to exhibit odd behavior, a counselor suggests that finding his father may solve his problems.

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