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Survivor S29E05 [mp4]

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Season 29 , Episode 05 — “Blood is Blood”
Last week on Survivor Drew Christy of the Hunahpu tribe told the home viewing audience in a private conversation that he wanted to start eliminating the girls on his tribe and he said that he would throw the next immunity challenge so they could do just that. He did in fact do just that by taking his time and still covering up that he was throwing it as no one on his tribe suspected that is what he was doing. Back in camp after the challenge the tribe could not agree on who they wanted to vote on and as many as 4 different members of the tribe had their names mentioned. All 4 girls on the tribe voted for Drew for being so bossy and demanding and since 3 other members got votes at tribal council it was Drew that became the 4th survivor voted out who will be voted out on tonight’s’ episode?


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