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The Haves and the Have Nots S02E03-E04

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Season 02, Episode 03 – “A Southern Brawl”
A Southern Brawl – After pulling Veronica off Maggie, David fails to convince his wife of his innocence.In Warlock’s basement, Jim’s torment continues at the hands of Candace.Meanwhile, Celine has an unsettling interaction with Wyatt. After seemingly making a pass at her, he reveals to Celine that he knows about her affair with his father. And, twisting the knife, he proceeds to inform her that Jim has also been sleeping with Candace.Later, Hanna and Michael have a romantic encounter at her house that puts her willpower to the test.Finally, enraged by her husband’s perceived affair, Veronica pays a visit to Jeffery’s apartment, where she places the blame of her failed marriage at the feet of her stunned son. Her confron – tation is cut short by the appearance of Candace, who brashly announces that she’s staying at Jeffery’s place—and unwittingly invites Veronica to set nefarious plans into motion.

Season 02, Episode 04 – “Amanda’s Room”
Benny walks in on Hanna and Michael kissing in Hanna’s room, and reacts in a less-than-considerate manner.Elsewhere, Candace tries to convince Jeffery to get out from under his mother’s thumb, but Jeffery is unconvinced. Later, the young woman that Jeffery’s mother tried to set him up with, Melissa, pays him a visit—and arouses Jeffery’s suspicions about her motives.At the Cryer-Harrington campaign headquarters, Maggie and the press anxiously await Jim’s arrival to announce his candidacy. Behind the scenes, the Cryers are looking for the would-be governor, and Katheryn gets an earful from Wyatt.Meanwhile, in the dank basement of Warlock’s hideout, Jim makes one last desperate attempt to escape. Unsuccessful, he relents and gives Candace the money she’s after, winning back his freedom.Finally, Hanna makes a gruesome discovery at the Cryer mansion.


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