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The Haves and the Have Nots S02E07

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Season 02, Episode 07 – “April 7, 1979”
District Attorney Jennifer Sallison arrives with the medical examiner to determine the nature of Amanda’s death. Although she still suspects Jim of covering up Wyatt’s hit-and-run crime, she promises to stay her pursuit of justice for the time being to let the Cryers grieve.Benny meets a woman who wants him to tow away the car her ex gave her. Benny tells her that rather than tow it, she should try to sell it. Desperate to be rid of the automobile, she immediately offers to sell it to Benny for whatever money he has on him, which turns out to be $500. Warily, he buys the car and gives it to Hanna.In his drunken state, Wyatt tells Jeffery that he plans to turn himself in to the DA and take his family down in the process.At the Sarandon, Candace bumps into Landon at the hotel bar and learns of Amanda’s suicide.Later, the DA makes her final call on the nature of Amanda’s death.

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