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The Life Swap Adventure S01E04 Alaska-Nottingham

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Season 01, Episode 04 – “Alaska-Nottingham”
A lovable, gun-toting B&B owner from Alaska dreaming of escaping small town life swaps lives with a military wife and nurse from Nottingham seeking just that. Both are at a crossroads.Two women in their fifties who are approaching retirement are wondering what their next step in life should be. Lilian, a nurse and army wife in suburban Nottingham, is exhausted after years of hard work and moving house. Lilian’s life as a military wife has meant she has never fully settled and is desperate to live in a community where she is known and can feel relevant again. She has lived in 17 different houses whilst following her husband Stuart’s career in the army. Having just turned 50, Lilian is feeling lonely and desperate to settle and spread her roots. She dreams of running a B&B in a beautiful part of the world but her husband Stuart has other ideas.Thousands of miles away, Leslie, a B&B owner in the wild Alaskan island of Wrangell, is the centre of the community’s inner hometown. Having never left North America, she dreams of being a world traveller, but her husband Alan wants to settle in Wrangell for their retirement. Leslie is desperate to see what else is out there and is fascinated by British history.After living in each other’s lives for two weeks, they realise what is most important in their lives and where they feel is home. Leslie realises that despite believing that she craved a more anonymous life as a world traveller, she misses the small island community life where everyone knows her name. Lilian, on the other hand, confirms that this is her dream life, and hopes that in the future, she and Stuart can make it happen. Stuart however is not so sure.As both women immerse themselves in their new locations, the viewer is indulged in beautiful landscapes and a travelogue journey with them.

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